There's no systemic racism but weirdly every time we train an AI on public data sets it becomes very racist.

@atomicpoet I think you mean:

Facebook: Old people who don't know why they hate computers

Mastodon: Old people who know exactly why they hate computers

Did anyone else grow up with the Mitsumasa Anno math books? I hadn't thought about them in decades but someone on askme was looking for math games to play with their child.

Below, Kris and Kross (Anno's Math Games, 1987) confront measurement instruments and the challenge of psychometrics(!)

New paper by @jasonchin proposing "registered reports can provide a strong evidence base for forensic science. They align with principles of justice, such as the right to examine and confront evidence and the purposes that underlie the rules of evidence in many jurisdictions"

Ah wow, Moin Syed (who I can't find on mastodon) wrote a great piece about current events, but then also his substance showed me another post which was also fantastic!

I have so often wished for someone to explain positivism versus...whatever else my choices are, but it's hard because I have a sneaking suspicion anyone knowledgeable will think that I'm a dirty rotten scoundrel/positivist. Intro pieces written by actual philosophers *sort* of clear things up with respect to the content but don't make sense of how it relates to conversations happening around me.

Go have a read if you're like mez it's short and super funny!


New post! "You Also Have An Ideology." Inspired by, erm, recent events, but really about a much broader tendency to treat the normative ideology as though it does not exist.


Our paper "Is Open Science Neoliberal?" is now online in Perspectives on Psychological Science!

This is a great read, from @Duygun - I'm not a social theorist at all but the claim that my OS/reform stuff is inherently neoliberal has always felt super weird to me. Bonus, very clear & accessible even if you are not versed in STS/theory!

#OpenScience thoughts on an icy morning walk 🌄.

For me, one of the biggest benefits of #OpenScience has been the recognition of #BigTeamScience. I used to think we had to have every skill in the skill book, and this fed massively into my Impostor Syndrome.

Big Team Science allowed me to truly understand that acquiring every skill is impossible. Instead, working collaboratively alongside each other with our unique expertise creates stronger research.

We are human. We can't do it all. 💡

Students sometimes ask if they're "allowed" to analyze data in a certain way. My response mirrors Jack Dovidio's: you're allowed to do whatever you want as long as you're honest about it. Transparency in reporting is more important than avoiding flawed procedures. Readers need information about limitations -- including limitations of the analytic approach -- to evaluate evidence. This paper by Wigboldus and @ron makes the point more eloquently:
#OpenScience #Statistics


The next holiday in the #Christian #Holiday #Season is Yom Saint Nikolas Ha’Kadosh. The holiday observes the yahrzeit of ancient Christian tzaddik Saint Nikolas Ha’Kadosh.


If you listen to @jennybryan and her talk on naming files,, I will never again get a file named abstract.doc or thesis.pdf

I'm so excited that the next @improvingpsych conference is going to be in Kenya! The host is Busara, one of the first behavioral science research institutes in the Global South and a recent recipient of a $2.5 million MacKenzie Scott grant. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to expand my understanding of how science is done in a variety of settings, including in the non-profit space.

#OpenScience #SIPS2024 #Science

@cnsyoung @improvingpsych wow this makes me want to fly in and that barely happens!

Such a great move showing how SIPS is growing and taking feedback to heart.

Open Science and social justice, can anyone recommend speakers who we could invite to give a virtual talk on the topic to researcher in Ireland? #OpenScience

Steven Roberts has written a commentary that crashed the OSF (we're back now, for now). Read it and you will understand why:

This is the state of our field, y'all. I'm glad Dr. Steven Roberts is shedding light on the reality of what scholars who study race and scholars of color have to deal with every damn day. Just disgusting.

This preprint outlines the shameful way in which my colleague Steven Roberts has been treated by the editor of Perspectives on Psychological Science. Please stand with me in supporting his efforts to bring diversity to psychological science.

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