The loss of film photography and cinematography will be keenly felt and regretted in the future. No one will find a forgotten box of old photos in a dead relative's attic with familial or historical importance a hundred years from now. It’s all ephemeral. Won’t last, no matter how hard people try to maintain proper data storage. It all trickles away over time, bit by bit.

The same applies to the written word. No one will ever find letters of correspondence between two beloved 21st century authors discussing their works or letters sent home from the front lines of whatever wars are happening now. Grandma and grandpa's love letters won’t be read and adored by their descendants after their passing. All ephemeral.

Both of these things are a huge loss for people and families, as well as historians and history itself, and it applies to art and music as well. Every step we take away from analog methods of sharing/storing data, the more history our future loses.

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